January 31, 2017

Adult Appetite Of My Business Partner

I have an electronic brand and my manufacturing arm is subcontracted in another country where labor is cheap so that I can pull down the production cost and increase the income. My partner, the owner of the production plant is visiting my country and we would have a short meeting, and my staff told me that this guy has a good adult sexual appetite so I have already planned the night for him after the meeting. Learn more about porn on this site.

I invited him to dinner after the meeting, after which brought him to a bar to have some drinks and we talk some casually as friends as the deal was already closed during the meeting. Prior to this, I have already contacted some girls and as I do not know what was his taste in women, I chose two sexy girls, equally sexy and slutty but of different skin color and instructed them to come to the bar that we have a reservation with on a particular time.

So while we are having our whiskey I told him that there will be two girls coming over in a while and he can choose which he would want to enjoy the night with, and I saw a big smile on his face with a different glow. Well, the two girls arrived and introduced themselves, his smile grew bigger and told me if he can have both, so I gave him a go, and I whispered to the two ladies to fulfill all his wants and I would give them a bonus if hewould be so happy the following day. Well indeed he was satisfied as he was even bringing down the cost of manufacturing of our projects and I am giving the two girls some big time tip as I always fulfill my promises.